The History of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is the use of water (hot, cold, steam, or ice) to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being.  

Hydrotherapy dates back to Ancient Greece. Hippocrates documented his early use of hydrotherapy and referred to the treatment as hydropathy.  Hydrotherapy was also used by the Ancient Chinese, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations. Hydrotherapy gained popularity over time and came to the United States in the 1840s. 

How Hydrotherapy Works


Hydrotherapy can be utilized to manage and treat a myriad of illnesses.  The temperature of water used affects the therapeutic properties of the treatment. Hot water is chosen for its relaxing properties. It is also thought to stimulate the immune system. Tepid water can be used for stress reduction, and may be particularly relaxing in hot weather. Cold water is selected to reduce inflammation. Alternating hot and cold water can stimulate the circulatory system and improve the immune system. Adding essential oils to water can enhance its therapeutic value. 

Philosophy of Hydrotherapy

  • Health and therefore healing is proportional to normal flow of healthy blood.
  • The mechanical circulatory effects of blood, when activated, affect the quality of blood. 
  • Enhancing blood flow through organs of elimination (skin, liver, kidney and bowels) increases detoxification and results in improved blood quality.
  • Improving the blood, increases oxygen, increases nutrients, increases red blood cells, and increases white blood cells.

In short, Hydrotherapy is the manipulation of circulation to maximize the properties of the blood.

Wet Sheet Packs Benefits

Wet sheet packs are great for many issues. As the body progresses through the full 2 hour treatment, it goes through many stages of healing. 

Wet sheet packs historically have been helpful with 

  • calming anxiety 
  • combating insomnia
  • nervousness

It can assist with gastric issues such as

  •  indigestion
  • GI inflammation 

It is reported to help support 

  • the liver 
  • the lymph system
  • spleen congestion
  • combat gout


It increases circulation and metabolism by raising the body's temperature. This leads to deep detoxification, which can assist with weight/fat loss. For a great article that speaks on how holding on to toxins makes us fat, click HERE

It enhances the texture and health of the skin, bringing more moisture and clearing of toxins.

It can alleviate inflammation and pain.

The Wet Sheet Pack Session

Wet sheet pack sessions are 120 minutes (2 hours)

10 minute warm foot bath with epsom salts and essential oils (if wanted)

  • this warms up the body core

90 minute body wrap with a cold wet sheet and then warm wool blankets, heat pack at the feet, cold compress to the forehead.

  • Stage 1-starts the increase of the body temperature and metabolism
  • Stage 2-Soothing stage that helps bring the nervous system to neutral. Helpful with anxiety.
  • Stage 3- The body temperature starts to dry the sheet creating increase in temperature and further stimulation to the metabolism
  • Stage 4- Sweating brings the body into detoxification and even more increase to the metabolism.

10 minute cold foot bath to assist bringing the blood back to the core of the body. 

10 minutes to clean up, hydrate and rest.

*I will be available in the room with you the whole time in case you need assistance.

This treatment is best when there is as much direct contact of the sheet and skin. 2 piece ensemble for ladies, shorts for men.

Common questions

How does the Wet Sheet Pack work-As the body goes through the different temperature differences, the circulation and metabolism is stimulated and therefore creates enhanced detoxification.

Why is the treatment 2 hours, that seems like a long time- The body does not become toxic overnight, and it can not be cleaned up overnight. The beauty of this treatment is that it encourages and allows the body to progress through the detox at its own pace. The body can sometimes forget its natural processes of elimination and it needs to remember on its own time.

Is this a stand alone therapy-Yes, this can be a stand alone therapy, however, you will have needed to receive a Manual Lymphatic Drainage session sometime within the previous 30 days. This is because when the body goes through a strong detoxification treatment and the avenues of elimination (Lymphatic System) are not open, the toxic materials can get redistributed in the body instead of removed from the body.

How will I feel afterwards-As with any healing treatment, Massage included, clients can go through healing crisis. This can include headache, queasiness, nausea, dizziness, lightheaded, and a feeling of coming down with a cold. These symptoms can signify that the body is getting rid of toxin a bit faster than the body can handle. In the grand scheme of things, this is a good thing, however, can be stressful. We will discuss this possibility and what can be done to lessen the symptoms.

On the other hand, some clients get off the treatment table feeling better than they have in years. Clients report feeling light in body and clearer in mind.

How can I best prepare for the session-To get the most out of this session, I ask that you arrive 10 minutes early. Since the treatment will have you wrapped snugly for 90 minutes, I will ask that you use the restroom before we get started. 

This treatment works best when the sheet is in contact with the greatest amount of skin. 2 piece athletic wear, bathing suit or bra and panties for ladies works best. Shorts for men. I suggest to bring a second set of underclothes in case your are still wet after the treatment.

Who should not receive this treatment-

People with: 

  • decreased circulation due to diabetes or cardiac insufficiency
  • an already weakened physical state
  • claustrophobia
  • severe cold or flu
  • extreme skin issues that are aggravated by wet applications
  • lymphedema, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, or seizures

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