Massage and Tunis


Oncology Massage

 Massage for the cancer patient can be a concern. There can be so many questions to be answered.

  • Can I get a massage while I am getting chemotherapy or radiation?
  • Can I get a massage if I have metastatic bone cancer?
  • Can I get a massage if I can't lay on my stomach comfortably?
  • What are my options if I have drains? An ostomy? Catheters?
  • Will a therapist understand my blood counts?

These are all valid concerns. The answer to these questions is YES. Helping thousands of patients while massaging full time in the oncology setting for 7 years, I am very familiar with the needs of someone going through cancer treatment. I understand the challenges and the anxiety that comes with seeking massage outside of a clinical environment. Rest assured I know all the correct questions to ask and the precautions to take to support your cancer journey whether it is conventional or alternative. For a short article discussing the benefits of oncology massage click here.


Tuni Therapy

Unlock your muscles and body at the vibrational level with Tuni's. Tuni Therapy works with the body's vibrational frequencies to help balance the chakras and loosen tight muscles at the deepest levels. This set of tuning forks are aligned with the frequency of the 432 scale which is acknowledged to be the same frequency as the Universe and physical body.

The Tuni's are used on the body as a healing modality along with massage techniques to create a balanced energy system.


Swedish Massage

 I have found in my 14+ years of treating patients that less can be more. I have developed through the years a massage technique that promotes deep relaxation, relief to tight aching muscles and calm to the nervous system. I do not believe in "no pain, no gain" to the point of my clients feeling sore for multiple days after their session.  I have developed a wide array of massage techniques that I draw from to create a treatment session that is created individually for each client I treat. 

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